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Welcome to Jones Beefmasters
  Welcome to Jones Beefmasters. We are a seed stock Beefmaster breeder from West Tennessee specializing in raising quality Beefmaster cattle that will perform for both the commercial and purebred breeder alike. Since the mid 1980s our motto has been “Quality is a powerful thing” and we strive each day to produce problem free cattle that have the ability to perform in real world conditions.

Jones Beefmasters cattle are consistently among the top performers in all economic traits, measuring in the top of the breed for birth, weaning and yearling weights. Every animal at Jones Beefmasters has been evaluated for carcass merit and our bulls are trait leaders in IMF and Rib eye. Strong maternal genetics has been the key to our success as our maternal EPD for milk consistency rank at the top of the breed.

Total commitment to the Beefmaster breed and our customers has been out key to many years of success.
  A message from Clark Jones, Owner of Jones Beefmasters
For over 25 years, one of the most challenging and very rewarding things in my life has been breeding Beefmaster cattle. I have always based my program on strong maternal genetics with proven performance, plus I try to identify those females that can also produce great bulls. The proof of our hard work has been four World Cup Champion Bulls. Our cattle are measured by every available method to determine the standards of excellence we expect from our herd.

We have and will continue to test for carcass merit through sonogram and Cup Lab will certify all data. I also believe that people breeding Beefmaster cattle will enjoy the benefits and profit from the efficiency built in our breed. I know there are lots of good cattle in our country, but without question the best people I have ever known ate in the Beefmaster breed.


885 Neill Cemetery Road • Savannah, Tennessee 38372
Clark Cell: 731-926-1721 • Clark Office: 731-925-0367 • Justin: 731-926-6459
Email: justin@jonesbeefmasters.com
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